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To Sell

It is a big decision to leave their home in Spain for sale and it is therefore important to think about how you want it.

Spain has a system where you can use many brokers, that is, several brokers can have your home for sale at the same time. Several real estate agents have the same homes for sale. This may mean that the same customer is shown the same residence several times, which may make the customer uncertain. The current system was once a good idea because there were more buyers than sellers – today we can say that it is the buyer’s market and there are many who want to sell their home in a sought after market.

Today, the need for a real estate agency to show housing ads in its office window is of less importance, the most important thing is instead Internet marketing. About 80% of all property sales start there. But other marketing channels are also important. Therefore, it is important that you think about what help you need and what skills your broker should have.

Good questions to ask

Should I sell through one or more real estate agents – what are the pros and cons?
How fast should my house be sold – can I wait or should it go fast?
Can I make a claim to the real estate broker and, if so, what?
How will my home be marketed?
What does it cost to sell?
Should I use a lawyer?
These questions, and many more, we can discuss when we see.

Preparations before calling a broker

When we start marketing your property, we need some documents for the property. The more information we have about the property, the better we can market it. Before seeing it, it is important that you are prepared and have your papers at home and in order.

The documents we need are:

Copy of the team (Escritura), and a Note Simple (simplified track) no older than 3 months. Copy of the last paid Comunidad fee, ie the fee to the House owners Association. You also need certificate from the municipality that shows that I.B.I, the municipal property tax is paid. We follow the directives enrolled in Spanish Decreto 218. Remember to make your home ready for photography Photography is the best opportunity to showcase the excellence of the accommodation. Remember to clean properly and gladly remove any unnecessary things. The clearer the housing is, the better the opportunity the buyer has to see its potential. Welcome to your partner in the sun!